First Attempt at Semi-Lactic Mold Ripened Goat Cheese

I have dabbled in Semi-Lactic cheese may times, and this time I tried some goat milk and used ARN (mixture of Geotricum, Orange and Ivory B. Linens and yeast).  There was some trouble with my curd set and I had to pre drain the curd slurry that formed in cheesecloth before I could get them into Dixie Cup DIY moulds for 24 hours.  Once I get this one down I will post directions/recipe on how to make it.  Here are some pictures of the results at 10 days.  Oh I forgot to mention I forgot to salt the curd in the moulds, oops, it will factor into the flavour.

Little Mini-Goats all in a row

Little Mini-Goats all in a row


You can see the Geotricum and a bit of the linens on them


The Geotricum is starting to make some of the little bumps/brain marks I love


I love the smell coming off of these.

The last little pillow waiting to be eaten

The last little pillow waiting to be eaten

The interior paste is creamy, but tasteless

The interior paste is creamy, but tasteless

There are now only 5 none left as I ate the last one  the other night, it was interesting.

Tasting Notes  – Mini-Goats:

  • Appearance: White and fluffy like little clouds
  • Nose (aroma): Nice smell of linens with a hint of goat like a Valencay
  • Overall Taste:  Tangy at the rind but the interior paste is bland/tasteless
  • Sweet to Salty: No salt, but a slight sweetness
  • Mild (mellow) to Robust to Pungent (stinky): Mild smell due to the linens
  • Mouth Feel: (gritty, sandy, chewy, greasy, gummy, etc.): Creamy, with a bit of texture from the rind.

I will make more of this one, to try to get it right.  I also will be sharing this one with Valerie, Addie and Deb from Cheesepalooza at our next meeting and will get their feed back.

In the meantime, go and make some cheese.



    1. I love them as they are, so steal a phrase from Ron Propiel, a set and forget kind of cheese. Warm the milk, culture the milk and add some rennet, let set for 18 to 24 hours, drain for 24 hours (don’t forget to salt) and then age a bit. Love them.

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