Day: December 16, 2012

Drum Roll Please….Much To Do About This Cheese-As Decided By The Readers

Well my little experiment was a success in my books,people actually voted.  I had asked you, the readers, to decide which cheese I would make next.  You had to choose from various washed curd cheeses and the poll closed last night.  The tally was easy thanks to the poll itself and here are the results.


1st - Gouda2nd - Fontina Style3rd - Havarti

1st – Gouda
2nd – Fontina Style
3rd – Havarti

20 Votes total and I am quite happy with that result.  I will be making this cheese on my Christmas break, along with a few others.  I will be trying a new way of pressing this cheese using a Stilton Knot.  Thank you to all who voted and thank you to all who humoured me on this.  Once I the cheese is made I will randomly contact one of my “followers” here and on Facebook and they will be able to name this cheese.

Lets make cheese.