Cheesepalooza Mozzarella Challenge Favourites – Traditional Mayhem

Once again it is time to announce our favourite posts for this past challenge.  It is getting harder and harder to pick our favourite posts as everyone is rising to the challenge of cheese making.  I am really impressed with the level of success that people have had with this challenge.  A big pat on the back goes out to everyone, now on to the posts (click on the picture to see the post)

Valerie –  Ntala from Crazy Mare Ranch, I Love that she is a really prolific goat cheese maker who has had no success with mozzarella whatsoever and B\because of our challenge, she re-entered this no- go zone again, but this time with cow’s milk and experienced incredible success! Her stretch is one dream of! She will now be making it again and that was very gratifying as so far, I have only learned from her.  It is great to see that she is now also benefiting personally through her participation in our project!

The Stretch that dreams are made of
The Stretch that dreams are made of.

Addie – Diane at Bar Over Ranch’s blog post is my favorite. The step-wise process of going through the intensive traditional mozzarella recipe was something that appealed to me the most. Further, I enjoyed the intermediate steps of pH strips showing the changing color.  Very educational and will be visiting her blog if I was making mozzarella again.

Diane's Mozzarella pillows.
Diane’s Mozzarella pillows.

Ian – I struggled with this one, I read all the post and then narrowed it down to two of my favourites, then I hemmed and hawed, went back and wrote the frist part of this post, then I wrote a few emails, started a batch of Chèvre for a pot luck I am going to on Friday.  Now I have to make decision, and I decided to go with a kindred spirit and pick Sarah from Several Gardens Farm.  Like me she had difficulty with Mozzarella, unlike me she can actually make 30 Minute Mozzarella, this time she tried Traditional Mozzarella and had some issues and where I had my little pile of fail she had her “bowl full of failure” my hat is off to her and I know what a demon mozzarella can be.

I feel her pain, but still check out Sarah's post
I feel her pain, but still check out Sarah’s post

Again my hat is off to all of you who attempted this cheese, more trials are yet to come. You can do it, and well done to you all!

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