Do you want to help choose the next cheese I make? – Voting is done

I am trying to get ahead on a few projects, so I was thinking that I would ask for help choosing the next cheese I make as I am stumped.  I have chosen a few “Washed Curd” Cheese and from that list you could help decide what is made.  I know this is a bit “cheesy” (pun intended) but I am stumped.

The Poll is now closed.

Alas there is no prize, but my appreciation and I will randomly pick one of my followers and ask you to name what ever cheese is made.  This poll will stay open until December 15, 2012.





  1. I have to explain my suggestion. I have a tendency to get washed curd and washed rind confused when I read. I know well the difference, but sometimes I read one and register the other in my head. As it happens, brick cheese is both washed curd and washed rind. I must admit I answered your question thinking “washed rind” and I answered brick because the washing is short and the aging is fairly straightforward in the recipe I reference. I made it once and really liked its melting qualities. However, for your purpose, the question is whether you have B. linens, which you’ll need to make that cheese. Between Gouda, Edam and Jack, my preference goes to Gouda: very nice ages well, the whey makes a nice ricotta. I have not tried to make the other two.

    1. It is ok, I went and looked jot the Jim Wallace recipe and saw that it was both washed curd and washed rind. I am a sucker for washed rind cheeses and washed curd, so I added it to the poll as a possiblity. I am reading a very intriguing Reblochon recipe I got from the Cheesemaking forum.

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