The Demon Cheese has been shackled…or quieting the Mozzarella Monkey

So to say that a have a mozzarella monkey on my back is an understatement , here is the proof

My own personal Mozzarella Monkey

Today I decided to make mozzarella again, but the time I used a kit from New England Cheese Making Supply. It was a 30 minute Mozzarella kit, using citric acid not vinegar to acidify the milk. Well I am pleased to say that I am now 5 for 16 in the mozzarella department.

Bocconcini, or Faux-cini
Marinated with garlic, chili flakes, thyme, peppercorns and olive oil
On ball of Mozzarella

Well now that the mozzarella monkey as not been silenced, but he is certainly quieter


Go make some cheese.

6 Comments on “The Demon Cheese has been shackled…or quieting the Mozzarella Monkey

    • The kit is the 30 minute kit I got for the Crescenza post. I used 2% Dairyland milk from Walmart. I have had great success with this milk in the past. It was nice and soft, it had a smooth mouth feel.

      I have not taken a cross section, I forgot, but I pulled apart one of the Bocconcini and it had nice layers.

  1. That’s great but you are scaring me. I’m a little apprehensive about what monster I will find lurking when I finally try my hand at this. BTW you might not want to wash the luck out of your lucky shirt, just like the pro-athletes and there various pieces of lucky equipment.

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