Day: November 1, 2012

Mozzarella: The Demon Cheese – November Cheesepalooza Challenge

If a person could have a nemesis and if that nemesis could be a cheese, then for me it would be Mozzarella!  I have struggled in vain with this cheese, with little or no success.  Currently as I type this I am 4 for 15 with this cheese.  Yes 4 successes in 15 tries!  I am the Maple Leafs of Mozzarella making, I succeed just enough to get the fans excited and then I tank the rest of the time.  I have tried several different methods of the “direct” acid methods.

3 of the four success had come from the so called “30 Minute” Mozzarella way of things using citric acid to acidify the milk and form the curd.  I even had success using this when I added cream to 2% milk.  It was lovely and melted well.  The best was when I used Vital Greens 3.25% whole non-homogenized milk.  It was lovey and flavourful and melted well.

Successful Mozzarella with whey Ricotta

But this challenge is using Mary’s method not Ricki’s way. (more…)