Cheesepalooza Challenge #2 – Chèvre Favourite Posts

It is that time for us to list our favourite posts from the previous challenge, this time it was Chèvre.  There were a few participants  asking for help and and the same amount who seem to nail this cheese.  These are our favourites as decided by Valerie, Addie, Deb and myself.  Everyone who posted did a great job, and it was hard to decide.


Due to family illness, Valerie regrets that she has not had time to read the posts for challenge two or select a favourite  She is so eager to get into all of your posts and enjoy the learning and celebrating of the cheese making you have all been doing as soon as she is able.

Addie – Simone at Jungle Frog Cooking

Junglefrog Cooking’s Chèvre

Junglefrog’s two blogposts on Chèvre.  Very informative and also educational. Lists the mistakes she made and explains in detail how to avoid them in future.  Has done considerable research and prep work. Compares raw goat’s milk Chèvre to store bought goat’s milk Chèvre.  Lovely pictures of the process, the results and additional recipes with her chevre. 

They Can be found here – and

Deb and Ian – Heather Gardiner at Shift Momma

Heather’s Chèvre with Montreal Steak Spice

Both Deb and I selected Heather Gardiner from Shift Momma.  This believe it or not was coincidence.  Deb sums it up the best by saying it was a very detailed post that includes making her own molds! She states at the beginning that she doesn’t like chevre, but makes it anyways and keeps tasting it throughout the entire process.  Ends the experience with a cheese tasting experience  I also liked the tasting notes.

Her post can be found here

I hope that everyone enjoyed making Chèvre and are working hard on the next challenge.

Go and make some cheese.

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