Cheesepalooza Feta (Ian cops out on a challenge), Crescenza, Caerphilly, Chèvre Honey Ice Cream, Oh My!

What a month, a trip out to Smoky Valley Goat Cheese to make Feta, making another Crescenza, a secret squirrel cheese (that is a post for later), and a Caerphilly lesson for Valerie and Addie.  Also there has been various cheese making opportunities that been brought up to me as well, again those are something for a later post.

Marinated Feta

On the 9thof September, we had our first Cheesepalooza field trip out to Smoky Valley Goat Cheese, soon to be re-named Smoky Valley Artisan Cheese, to make feta with their equipment.  We used Mary’s recipe but on a much larger scale (150 Litres).  Rather than bore you with all the repeating of the recipe but I will include it in the following series of pictures.

Leslie from Smoky Valley explaining about the vat and the recording equipment
The 300 Litre Vat we would be using, though this time it only had 150 Litres of Goat Milk
Just a peak inside of the vat while the milk was heating up to temperature, notice the paddle that is stirring the milk
Addie adding culture
After the culture and rennet were allowed to do their work we attached the harps and cut the curd
We started working the curd, also this is the only way you will get this bald guy to wear a hair-net.
Now it was time to bring the curd to the draining table.
We packed the moulds with the feta curd
after 15 minutes we flipped the feta in the moulds, it was kind of fun
Through the magic of television we were able to bring home two containers of Feta, 3 of Haloumi, 1 of Chèvre and a Bannon.

I did not make a Feta for this month’s challenge, as we don’t use feta that much at home.  I made a marinade of olive oil, roasted red pepper, peppercorns, chili flakes and garlic.

Tasting Notes for Marinated Feta

Appearance: creamy off white colour due to the olive oil

Nose (aroma): Smells of olive oil and garlic

Overall Taste: salty with hints of garlic

Sweet to Salty: Salty, but the other ingredients help to cut the saltiness

Mild (mellow) to Robust to Pungent (stinky): You get a mid goaty flavour but the marinade does cut it.

Mouth Feel: (gritty, sandy, chewy, greasy, gummy, etc.): a firm texture but the marinade is starting to soften the cheese with out having it break down in the oil.

September Tasting on the 28th – 

Now I made another Crescenza, and this time I had a better set and the curd did not shatter.  It was a joyous event to have decent size curd and have it go into the mould in hope of having a proper cheese.  I made it for the tasting we had on the 28th of September.  This time I let a rind develop, the flavour was still the same and it was generally a hit.  I brought a Chèvre that I had made, but previously frozen, to compare with the other Chèvre that our participants had brought, mainly to see what would happen to the texture and taste.  I brought on of the final pieces of my Faux-ka (my attempt at replicating an Oka style cheese) it was well received.  I am still working to get that one “right” but it is still good.  I did not take any pictures from the tasting so the ones below are to be credited to Valerie from who was our host.

My Chèvre, Faux-ka and Crescenza
Photo courtesy of

On Saturday after the tasting Addie and I were back at Valerie’s place for a cheese making session.  I shared my version of Caerphilly with them.  I am sure they will post it on their blogs as I have done several versions of Caerphilly on mine.  It was a good day and I believe they learned a lot, and as a bonus I learned how to grill a pizza on the BBQ.

Well that is all for now, I hope you enjoy making feta.

Go Make some….

No I did not forget the Chèvre Ice Cream, here is the recipe, but first the back-story.  I wanted to use some of the fresh cheese that I have, and there is a lot of it to use, so I had heard of ice cream made with certain cheeses.  Chef Lynn Crawford had made a goat cheese ice cream on her show “Pitching In” and I thought that would be something I could make.  So to the Internet I went and cobbled together this recipe.  To say it was a hit with the guests at the tasting would be an understatement.  I forgot the recipe on my desk at home so I did not have it with me at the tasting.  Here it is.

Chèvre Ice Cream in a mini cone
Photo courtesy of

Chèvre Honey Ice Cream


4 – Egg Yokes
1 Cup – Heavy Cream
½ Cup – Milk (if you want a more goatier flavour try using goat milk)
½ Cup – Chèvre
4 Tbsp – Honey
1 Tbsp – Sugar


1.     Put room temperature eggs, cream, milk, chèvre and honey in a food processor and mix until smooth and creamy.  If mixture is not sweet enough or to “goaty” for your liking, then add the sugar and mix again.

2.     Now take the mixture and put it in a bowl on a double boiler and heat mixture, while stirring, until it has the consistency of runny pudding.  Take off the heat and place in a non-metallic bowl.  Cover with plastic wrap, placing it directly on the surface of the mixture as to not form a skin, and place in fridge for 4 hours or over night.

3.     Now put into your ice cream maker and make your ice cream as to the machine’s instructions. Then put into freezer.

Makes about a pint.

Ice Cream Tasting Notes

 Appearance: beige in colour due to the dark amber honey that I used

Nose (aroma): Slight floral/honey smell

Overall Taste: Honey flavour that finishes with Chèvre

Sweet to Salty: sweet

Mild (mellow) to Robust to Pungent (stinky): this a mellow ice cream

Mouth Feel (gritty, sandy, chewy, greasy, gummy, etc.): It is smooth to start  but finishes on a chalky feel (Chèvre)

Ok now go and make some cheese.

6 Comments on “Cheesepalooza Feta (Ian cops out on a challenge), Crescenza, Caerphilly, Chèvre Honey Ice Cream, Oh My!

  1. How could anyone ever call all that a copout? That ice cream was DEADLY delicious!
    You are my hero all the way and in everything cheese!!!

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    • It was an amazing experience, It made me feel like a “real” cheese maker. I have been lucky to have been invited back to help out. It is a dream come true.
      The Ice Cream was amazing, I had my son try it, he loved it until I said it was goat cheese ice cream.

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