Thank you to a reader from Scotland

Sometimes coincidence/fate, external actions of others can be humbling.

My sister Catherine, whilst on her recent trip to Scotland, stopped into a cheese shop in Edinburgh. The person working there asked where she was from. She proudly said Canada, that led to the usual questions, you know, what part of Canada, Catherine said she was from Alberta, then she was asked what part, of course she said Medicine Hat.

She was asked how far is Edmonton from Medicine Hat. Random question right? Catherine says about 6 hours why? The person mentions that she followed the blog of a home cheese maker from Edmonton. She mentioned about the site and father of two etc., basically describing my “about me section” on the blog. My sister said she knew who it was, and mentioned my name. They were excited and asked how she knew me. When she said she was my sister, well you can imagine how the rest of the conversation went.

To that person thank you very much, first for being so very kind to my Sister and secondly for even reading my blog.  I am grateful that anyone reads it in the first place; that it would be someone that would eventually meet a member of my family I am truly humbled.  Catherine did not mention a name, and I would love to hear from you if you have time.

This proves my theory that Cheese Unites not divides, and in this digital age the world is truly not as big as it use to be.


3 Comments on “Thank you to a reader from Scotland

  1. This is so cool, Ian! What fun to have made a cheese connection so far away! And their kindness does not surprise. If this is the cheese shop I think it might be (I. J. Mellis Cheesemongers), we were there two years ago — the selection in the tiny shop was beautiful, and the staff was so knowledgeable and ,friendly, and helpful. We chatted about cheese, goats, wine. And they sent us back to our hotel with the most wonderful wheel of Vacherin Mont d’Or that we’ve ever tasted.

  2. I LOVE Scotland! We hiked there two years ago and are going to go back to do the West Highland Way. Loved the cheese there. It really is a very small world isn’t it!

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