Cheesepalooza Posts Of The Month For Ricotta Challenge

First off I would like to apologize for the lateness of this post, but unfortunately real life gets in the way of Cheese Life!  First I will recap the criteria for our selections, all met them, but I will post the comments from each of us that pushed our selections ahead.  I used the pictures that were submitted for the the Ricotta Round-up.

Cheesepalooza Friendly Competition:

This project really is just all about the cheese, making it, and learning from this collaborative experience. But, to add a little fun to it, every month each of us will pick our favourite cheesy post based on the following criteria:

  • visual appeal
  • the learning experience is explained and well written
  • measure of success is identified: a critique of your own work is apparent
  • recipe and process is included (unless it is Mary’s recipe, exactly)
  • the tasting notes are an interesting read

Valerie’s choice for this month is from Simone at with her pot “Homemade Ricotta for Cheesepalooza.”

Simon’s Ricotta

“I pick Simone from junglefrog because she thought to dress it all up and make it pretty for the party. Her photography is as yummy as her food”

Debs choicefor this month is from Ntala from with her post “Goat Milk Ricotta”

Ntala’s Goat Ricotta

“ I liked that her post was well rounded. She did excellent tasting notes for the Whole Milk Ricotta AND compared it to a Traditional Whey Ricotta. Plus she included some pictures of what she made with her ricotta”

Addie’s choice for this month is Jane from with her post “Cheesepalooz: Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese.”

Jane’s Ricotta

“My Favorite Blog: Jane’s blog.  Given that so many people stuck to the original citric acid recipe, that was a basic filter for me. After that, I think I liked Jane’s blog… since Jane’s use of the ricotta was more exciting (for me) she comes out ahead!”

Ian’s choicefor this month is Laurel from with her post “Roctta-Let me count the ways”

Laurel’s Ricotta

Laurel’s willingness to keep at it until it worked, she admits her initial lack of success and asked for help.  This to me was  one of the reasons she was my choice. If you follow Laurel on Twitter you would have seen the tweet ‘Laurel vs Ricotta: Round two-Fight!’ this made me smile because it showed she was in it for the long haul.  It was a plus that being like me, not a fan of ricotta, that she found uses for the ricotta and that her kids thought it was great. Well done.”

Everyone did a great job with the Ricotta, I am very proud to be associated with Cheesepalooza and thank you for being part of it too.  Keep it up and we could see your posts on the list.  We are all winners in this.  Cheese unites not divides, unless you have lactose issues then goat cheese unites.

Go make some cheese.


2 Comments on “Cheesepalooza Posts Of The Month For Ricotta Challenge

  1. O yay! Thanks so much to Valerie for picking my post! That’s just awesome. I’m having so much fun with the cheesepalooza challenges and yes not everything is going according to plan but for me that’s just part of the fun. Thanks to you guys for coming up with such an awesome learning opportunity!

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