The Caerphilly Caper

If I was asked what my favorite cheese is, about 5 years ago I would have to say Cheddar.  I know how pedestrian! Well now I have several cheeses that rank in my top 5 cheeses.  Right near the top has to be Caerphilly, a lovely welsh cheese that is ready in 3 weeks, but has its peak flavour at about 6 weeks.  In a previous post I made my Caerphilly and now it is time to talk taste.  I used a different method to make this one and even though it is good, I don’t know if I will make it this way again.  The major difference was that I did not cheddar the curds.  I did salt the curds and I pressed under the whey

Caerphilly resting comfortably

Again I went with a natural rind combined with some time in a vacuum bag for the ageing.  Everything seemed to be going well with the rind development, I had some suspicions that the rind may have become too hard, but only time would tell.  There was some nice wild geotrichum development on the rind, but not the greyish mold that all the books say I should be getting.

Nice geo on the top
Tool time
I had to get a picture of this
Last one the pay-off is coming!
Internal shot of the Caerphilly

The aroma was nice almost lemony smell but not too overpowering.  The texture was a bit softer than normal; I chalk this up to not cheddaring the curd.  The flavour was bit on the sour side, again lemon notes, but there was a distinct lack of saltiness that I have come to associate with the Caerphilly that I have made before.  I was pleased with the results and I have taken notes for the next time I make it.

I took this cheese and a few others to a Cheesepalooza meeting.  It was well received, the only one that was better was my Crazy Acres Red (Oka Style cheese) but that is another post.

This should be my last Non-Cheesepalooza post for a while so join up and make cheese with us

4 Comments on “The Caerphilly Caper

  1. Fun! I just joined the cheesepalooza challenge, and that is how I found your blog. I think I made Caerphilly once .. I went through a phase of making English cheeses … I will have to try again — that cheese looks soooo good and creamy!

    • Hi Jane,

      Welcome to Cheesepalooza. I have to say that this one is less creamy than other ones I have made. I cut the curd larger and it did make the cheese softer, but less creamy. I think the lack of cheddaring and under salting the curd.

  2. You must have been OVER THE MOON when you cut this open to find that beautiful glory! Love the shape the ice cream container makes for this cheese. It was delicious – like a mild chedder, to me – and the rind enhanced the eating experience. 10 outta 10!!!

    • Thank you Valerie, well I can’t say I was over the moon, but I was pleased. It was different from the other Caerphilly that I have made before. I will have to go back to my original recipe and let you try that one.

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