Month: August 2012

Cheese Making Session of Smoky Valley Goat Cheese Is FULL

Hi Everyone,

I wanted everyone to know that Smoky Valley Goat Cheese is hosting a Feta and Haloumi making session on 9 September 2012 at their facility in Smoky Lake Alberta,  as part of their partnership with the Cheesepalooza Project  There is a maximum of 8 participants per session and we have 2 positions left as of 9:45 16 September 2012  and they have been spoken for.

The session will start at 9 AM sharp and will run until at least 3 PM.  Cost is $99 (plus a share of gas money for the car pool)and will include lunch and you keep the cheese you make.  For more details or if you are interested please email me at or comment below



Cheesepalooza Optional Cheese – Crescenza (Pg 57)

First off I want to say that this is not the Challenge Cheese for September, but it is one of the ones listed for that month.  Secondly this is my first real attempt at making a cultured fresh cheese.  So here we go.

I decided on making a Crescenza because friends of mine asked me to make some cheese for a party they are having and they wanted some soft/spreadable cheese.  I figured that if I was going to make them a cheese, then I should try to make one prior to doing it for them.  So off to get our trusty book for Cheesepalooza and away I went making cheese.

Crescenza with edible Purple Shamrock


The Caerphilly Caper

If I was asked what my favorite cheese is, about 5 years ago I would have to say Cheddar.  I know how pedestrian! Well now I have several cheeses that rank in my top 5 cheeses.  Right near the top has to be Caerphilly, a lovely welsh cheese that is ready in 3 weeks, but has its peak flavour at about 6 weeks.  In a previous post I made my Caerphilly and now it is time to talk taste.  I used a different method to make this one and even though it is good, I don’t know if I will make it this way again.  The major difference was that I did not cheddar the curds.  I did salt the curds and I pressed under the whey

Caerphilly resting comfortably