Day: July 31, 2012

Lotsa’ Ricotta – Cheesepalooza Challenge Post #1

When I started to make cheese I jumped head first into semi-firm cheese.  When I got my first kit from Danlac for Father’s day several years ago I had no clue what I was doing, I tried making “Ricotta” but it was a hard puck and inedible.  The almost two years of research, reading recipes/directions on cheese making, lurking on cheese making websites sites help a bit but I should have started with fresh cheese and not something that needed to be aged.   Part of the purpose of Cheesepalooza for me is to “re-set” my cheese making, so I have hit the reset button (I have not erased my “saved games”) and now the journey starts again.  This time it is a return to Whole Milk Ricotta and I had hoped that it was not a repeat of the first attempt.  I was nervous about making this, my cocky cheese swagger was gone, and I was hoping to make it right.

First off I want to do a full disclosure on this, I don’t really like Ricotta and if I make it I tend to give it away rather than eat it myself.  I came up with some flavouring for the Ricotta to help solve my issue with it.  Also I could not find Citric Acid, I normally buy it a Bulk Barn, but they were out and they would not have it in prior to the Cheesepalooza meeting.  In the Mary’s book she says you can use lemon juice as a substitute so that is what I did.  The directions are basically the same as in the book, but you add the lemon juice when you are at temperature not before.

The usual suspects are in the line up.