No Cheese Making for you July! Make do with what you have.

With the Cheesepalooza project starting next month, I decided that July would be a good month to take a break from Cheese Making.  Partly because we are entering a busy time at my work and I could have to work evenings and weekends if required and really I need a break to prepare for the project.  I wanted to give you an update as to the cheeses in my “cave”.  Currently there are six cheeses in various stages of aging.

The Gang is all here!

There are two cheddar (one is 9 months and the other is 3 months), two of my special project cheese (done with the morge), one sheep milk cheese and the Caerphilly.

My two Special Project Cheeses
The Cheddar and the sheep
My Lovely Caerphilly that is screaming to be opened up and tried.

I decided to vacuum seal the cheeses for longer ageing and to slow rind development, especially of the little ones.

Sealed for their protection!
Quick to the Cheese Cave!

The cave is full and all is well.

A full cave is a happy cave.
I did not seal the Sheep Cheese properly, that is why it looks puffy, it will get resealed later.

The Caerphilly will get vacuum-sealed after I open it some time next week.  It will get it’s own post after then next Cheesepalooza meeting, I want the Valarie, Addie and Deb’s opinions on the cheese as it is on the list to be made in December.

Go Make some Cheese everyone!

4 Comments on “No Cheese Making for you July! Make do with what you have.

  1. I love the look of your special project cheeses. I have to get more adventurous and try some special project cheeses myself. I really want to make one soaked in some kind of alcohol but the ones that I see recipes for are all made with grain alcohol that I can’t use because I’m celiac. Maybe a brandy soaked cheese? Once we get going with the Cheesepalooza, maybe I’ll get brave enough to try something really different. :0) Your sheeps milk cheese looks awesome. What did you use for a mold for the caerphilly? I agree about a full cheese cave! Mine is quite a bit bigger than yours and has only 3 cheeses in it right now. We’ve been going through cheese like crazy this summer and no time to make it! Need to get some more made this week. Going to try Havarti for the first time. I make gouda and cheddar in variations and it’s time to try something new!

    • Thanks, I was hoping for more b. linens to show on the Special Projects, but I could not keep the humidity above 90%. You could use wine. There are several that are washed with wine – Appenzeller is one that is washed with herbs and white wine.

      I used one of my improvised moulds for the Caerphilly. I was made from a Chapman’s Ice Cream container. I am excited for the sheep cheese.

      We haven’t gone through that much cheese, so I have a few. It doesn’t hurt that the two cheddar won’t be opened for a year. I have another cave below the nor in the picture. It is empty now that I moved everything up to the top. So I think I am set for Cheesepalooza, for cave space that is.

  2. Mmmm not that looks like a good full cheese cave! Hubs has taken a break this month too, but mostly because our little cheese nook is just too warm 😦

    • Thanks,

      It all fits nicely in one of the “caves” now. I wanted to spend a little more time with my kids and wife (cheese widow was the term she used a while back). I will be ramping up cheese making next month, I was asked to do the cheese for a party in September, so I have to get going on it in the next month or so.

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