Month: June 2012

Making Cheese = Happiness

I think I posted on this subject before, but after three years of making cheese at home I think my perspective has changed on why I do it.  At first it was about I can make this cheaper and better than the plastic wrap varieties that I had bought in the store, now it is something different.  Making cheese makes me happy.  While that sounds corny it is true, it does make me happy.



Ewes & Moos – Father’s Day Cheesemaking and Cheesepalooza Pre-Announcement!

First off I would like to say I have the best wife and kids in the world, for Father’s Day this year they gave me two awesome gifts.  The first was eight litres of Wooly’s Sheep Milk by Vital Greens Farm, purchased at Earth’s General Store to make cheese with, and the second was a second day of cheese making this time it with “fresh” Jersey Milk.  Given the fact that my wife is not a huge cheese fan I was very touched by her and the kid’s gifts.  Also there is a Cheezapalooza Pre-Announcement below.


Special Projects and Cheesapalooza 2012

Well it has almost been almost three weeks since I created my little special project cheeses. So far they are progressing as I expected them to. I personally think they smell wonderful, but my wife disagrees. She actually asked me if something went off, to which I tried to explain what that lovely earthy stink meant to the development of the cheeses in question. She did not care, and now I have some air freshener in the basement next to my cheese cave. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. This means I get to make more cheese and I get to stay married.

The Scotch Washed Cheese
So far this one has lived up to my expectations. The colour is nice and the smell reminds me of mushrooms and bread. I was worried that it would be overrun by the wild geo, but it seems to be holding its own. I am hoping that this will be my father’s day treat next weekend.


Nice colour and not to bad on the geo.