Its been one week since you looked at cheese

I know that BNL will be OK with me adjusting the words from “One Week”.  It has been a week since the little pillows of happiness were made, and with an every two day washing cycle it has been pretty good so far.

I was away for the weekend, so I washed everything on Friday morning before I left.  When I returned to the city on Sunday I checked on them.  They had a nice layer of Geotricum mould on them.  Some times it does pay to ignore them.  I brought them out for their 30 minutes at room temperature to encourage the  B. Linens to grow, then I washed the three with the morge and the smaller one with the scotch and back they went.  Monday was just a breather and rub down day for them.   As I took them out of the cave, I rubber/smeared the mould on the rind all around to help with even coverage, you will know that you are doing it right when the rind is sticky,damp but not wet (this is part of a washed rind/smear ripened process).

I am having some humidity issues with the cave, so I used the domes from two of my mini caves and added damp paper towels to the cave.  This will be in addition to my cheese cloth water system.

It is starting to get a bit stinky in the cave, that is the B. Linens, that should mellow out when I stop the wash and age them.  I love that smell,it smells like I imagine these cheeses should.

The little ones in their protective domes. The smell is starting to get stinky which is great for these cheeses.

Have a great day and I will post more in One Week.

Ladies and Gentleman – The Barenaked Ladies

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