The Scotch and Morge – Special Project Cheese Part 2

I think you can guess from this picture what I was about to start. Yes I was going to make soap. But moving on, it was that time again, cheese time. This time I wanted to up the ante so to speak and make anew more I’d my Special Project Cheeses. Again I used a bastardized version of a Camembert recipe without the PC, here how it went.


14 litres of fresh Jersey Milk
8 mini cubes of mixed meso mother culture
1/2 cup morge
1/8 tsp of liquid rennet in 1/4 cup distilled water.

I heated the milk in my roaster vat to a temperature of 32c, this took about 30 minutes, I then put the temperature dial to my “warming”setting. I added the cubes of mother culture and added the morge too, then I let ripen for 1 hour 30 minutes as per the directions. I was able to maintain 32c for the entire time(this was a first).

After the ripening phase next it was time to add the rennet, I was going for a flocculation (the time it takes the surface of the milk to gel) time of about 12 minutes, I got a time of 11 minutes. I used a multiplier of 4, which means I would cut the curd 44 minutes after adding the rennet. As a bonus I got the best clean break I have ever had. Now to cut the curd, I went with 3/4 inch cubes, and let rest for 2 minutes between each cut.


After the resting period I then used a rubber spatula to stir the curd a bit t release some of the whey. Then I got to use my favorite new tool, my scoop strainer, and I started to scoop the curd into the moulds.


I had som spillage, I started to drain the curd in the sink. The directions called for flipping every 2 hours, but I flipped after 1 hour because I needed to move everything so I could start my clean up. My wife tolerates my cheese making if I try to clean up after myself. I moved the whole setup to a side counter on a tray and I had a container to catch whey. I then flipped again after 2 hours, but I had to wait 4 hours for the next and final flip, dinner and getting the kids to bed along with dealing being a little over zealous with the yard work the day before.


Then it was bed time for this big camper. In the morning I removed the hoops, and I am letting the cheese “run free”for the day and tomorrow morning they will go into the cave, and in a few days I will start the washes.


The small one will be washed with scotch, the others will be done with the morge brine. I hope they turn out.

I have learned some things, mainly that I need some holes in the sides of my hoops. I will work on that for next time. I will try to post once a week for these cheeses to show progress.

Go and make some cheese, or at least eat some you like

2 Comments on “The Scotch and Morge – Special Project Cheese Part 2

  1. What percentage alcohol is the Scotch? I seem to remember that anything above 14% isn’t recommended as it kills the yeast required for good rind growth.

    • The scotch is about 40%, it will kill some of the yeast, but I in my previous special project cheese, I used a scotch wash with a pinch of salt in it. It developed a thin, but firm rind that had a slightly red hue to it. I fully expect it to kill any linens in the one I am doing the scotch wash. There is a cheese called a Bishop Kennedy that is a scotch washed rind. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get it here.

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