60 Day Havarti

After the Irish Dane Debacle, I had high hopes for my Havarti that was ageing quietly  in the cave, kind of like the quiet sibling next to the brash noisy twins ripping up the furniture.  It was 60 Days and I decided that it was time to see if I had three pounds of Heavenly  Havarti or was it destined for the bin like the brash twins.

I always like to try my cheese right after the first cut.  This can give me some indication about the flavour.  Right away I could feel the creamy texture of the paste, then there was some firmness in the centre of the cheese.    I then cut my piece to bring up to room temperature, snapped some picture and then divided the rest into portions and vacuum sealed them.  The have all been marked with who they are going to and back into the cave.

My 60 Day Havarti it weighed a little under three pounds

After waiting for the kids to go to bed, and the cheese to come up to temperature, it was time to see if this has been worth my time and effort.  I have to say I was not disappointed at all, it has the “Havarti” taste right down to the slightly acidic bite when you first try it.  You then get a mellow flavour I can’t quite place yet, then it finishes with a nice tang that leaves you wanting more.  The aroma was what I expect to have with Havarti, the slight sour almost lemon smell.  It was a pleasant experience.

Mechanical Holes, I was happy to see them.

I took some into work and overall the comments were favourable.  Almost everyone was quite happy with the flavour, texture and aroma.  Sometimes I wonder if they are humouring me, but I like to think they just really enjoy my cheese.

I have made some notes for the next time and top of the list is to cut the curd larger to give the cheese a softer texture and use a saturated brine to develop the rind rather than dry salting.  Lastly I will try to age it longer before vacuum sealing it.

Well one out of three is crappy odds, but I am happy.

Go and make some cheese, or eat some you like.

8 Comments on “60 Day Havarti

  1. Great to hear this turned out so well! I haven’t made Havarti yet but it’s on my list. What did you use for a hold for this? How long did you age it before you vacuum sealed it? I just vacuum sealed a cheddar at 1 month which for some reason I couldn’t stop the mold from growing on even with waxing. This is the first time this has happened to me so I thought it was a good time to try the vacuum sealing. :0)

    • Thanks Margo,

      I am not sure what you mean by a “hold” if you mean what is it on? It is on my Cheese Trivet that has all the cheese knives underneath it. Janet got it at Superstore. I just propped the cheese up against itself to take the picture. I aged it in a ripening box for about 3 weeks before bagging it, I think I will take longer before I bag it. What type of mold were you getting? I tend to get some wild geo, I just brush it back, the white stuff is ok. You may get some whey build up just drain and re-bag

      • Sorry, I meant mold not hold. My Mac tends to correct things for me and I miss them sometimes. :0) The hold I got was dark and seemed to be under the developing rind. I’m extremely sensitive to hold so I have to get rid of it right away. I won’t be able to make the cheeses that ripen with mold. I let it dry for a day, put it on my cheese mat in my little fridge at 50 degrees and 75% humidity like I usually do. A week later I put a coat of olive oil on it and 2 days later it was molding so I cleaned it all off with a mixture of vinegar and salt, let it dry and then tried putting ghee on it. That was BIG mistake. It really went mouldy then and within a couple of days. I have a friend who ages gouda with ghee on it for 60 days and doesn’t get mold. Can’t figure it out. Will try the ripening box next time. I’ve never bagged a cheese until this first one. Does the flavour not develop the same when it’s bagged?

        • I like to let mine air dry for a few days up to 7 days before it goes into the cave for the next stage. I use gloves most of the time, and especially when I am dealing with washed rind/mold ripened cheeses. The ripening box helped too. I did not get any mold on it after the bagging, or before

          • Thanks! I’m so glad I found your blog! Maybe this happened because I didn’t wear gloves and I had something on my hands. It’s entirely possible. Just noticed that this lovely Mac of mine changed all the mold words in my reply to hold. I give up!!!!!! :0)

          • Lol, I had to disable the auto correct in firefox. I missed your comment about flavour. I have not noticed a difference in the flavour, but using RM is new to me so I will have to see. The Havarti tasted better than the last one.

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