Les Fromages sont Morts – The Cheese are Dead

I know I have not posted anything for a little bit, it has been busy at my house with non-cheese related items.  I know what could be more important than cheese, my wife tells me there are other things but she…..is not a cheese fan….I know!

I wanted to talk about the cheeses in the cave right now and how they are progressing.

The Irish Danes

As you can tell by the title of this post, I am calling it, they are inedible and are now dead to me.  Well not totally dead, I have thrown one of the two in the garbage.  I think feta would taste sweet compared to these  salt licks.  I am keeping the other one (which is vacuum sealed) and I am going to try it at 6 months and see if the salt has mellowed.  If not, I will chalk it up to lessons learned.

I do know what went wrong with it, I used too much salt on the rind, and that combined with the fact you put salt into the whey while you are cooking them led to the high salt content.  I now know that I should have not salted the rind on the small ones, I should have let them air dry and then start the Guinness wash (and no salt added to the beer either), again lessons learned.

The Havarti

At 29 Days I tried a bit of the cheese, it was creamy and wonderful.  It also was definitely not salty at all.  I have high hopes for this one.  I will be opening this one on or about  the Victoria Day long weekend (May 19-21) .  I did salt the rind, but it was the same amount I used for the Irish Danes, I know realize it was a question of size, so I guess it does matter.

Chloe’s Cheddar

This one is almost 6 months old and was waxed at one point, then due to my crappy ability to wax cheese, it was vacuum bagged.  It did have some whey in the bag so re-bagged it and it is back into the cave.  It was slightly acidic in taste, probably due to a bit of a heavy hand with the rennet.  This will ageing should mellow.  It was not a bad taste, it was good, but not the flavour I am going for.

Jacob’s Cheddar

This is the one we made last month just before my son’s birthday.  This one will be aged at least 12 months and we will have it for his birthday next year.  The rind has firmed up and there has not been much of anything on it, a bit of wild geo, but nothing a stiff brush can’t handle.  It went into a vacuum bag last night.  We will see where this one goes.

The Special Project Cheese

This is the one that was drained like a Camembert and then washed with Scotch.  I have to say that this one is progressing well.  I have not seen any indication of slip skin or any other defects.  It does have a slight orange hue to it, a little wild geo on it too.  I have been keeping it in a ripening box in the cave and it seems to be keeping the right humidity.  This one will be cracked into the same time as the Havarti.  I could do it now, but I want to get in a few more washes on it.

There you have the update on what is in my cave.

Have a great day and go and make some cheese, or at least eat some you enjoy.

May’s Cheese Make of the month is a Parmesan Style Cheese.

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