Month: May 2012

Its been one week since you looked at cheese

I know that BNL will be OK with me adjusting the words from “One Week”.  It has been a week since the little pillows of happiness were made, and with an every two day washing cycle it has been pretty good so far.

I was away for the weekend, so I washed everything on Friday morning before I left.  When I returned to the city on Sunday I checked on them.  They had a nice layer of Geotricum mould on them.  Some times it does pay to ignore them.  I brought them out for their 30 minutes at room temperature to encourage the  B. Linens to grow, then I washed the three with the morge and the smaller one with the scotch and back they went.  Monday was just a breather and rub down day for them.   As I took them out of the cave, I rubber/smeared the mould on the rind all around to help with even coverage, you will know that you are doing it right when the rind is sticky,damp but not wet (this is part of a washed rind/smear ripened process).

I am having some humidity issues with the cave, so I used the domes from two of my mini caves and added damp paper towels to the cave.  This will be in addition to my cheese cloth water system.

It is starting to get a bit stinky in the cave, that is the B. Linens, that should mellow out when I stop the wash and age them.  I love that smell,it smells like I imagine these cheeses should.

The little ones in their protective domes. The smell is starting to get stinky which is great for these cheeses.

Have a great day and I will post more in One Week.

Ladies and Gentleman – The Barenaked Ladies


The Scotch and Morge – Special Project Cheese Part 2

I think you can guess from this picture what I was about to start. Yes I was going to make soap. But moving on, it was that time again, cheese time. This time I wanted to up the ante so to speak and make anew more I’d my Special Project Cheeses. Again I used a bastardized version of a Camembert recipe without the PC, here how it went.


Do you like that rind? Want to have it on your cheese?

Have you ever come across a cheese that you like that has rind that was colorful/flavourful, and you think I want to make that cheese or hey that rind would be awesome on this cheese. Well you can, by creating something called a morge. This is a mixture of bacteria that help produce the flavours/smells that help ripen your cheese. You can purchase these in a pre-made morge like PLA or Brevibacteriun linens (B. linens), or you can make your own morge, like I am doing for my next batch of Special Project Cheeses.

Disclaimer Time: Many of these rinds on commercial cheeses may contain a proprietary blend of bacteria, this post is intended for the HOME CHEESES MAKER, you should not do this with anything you are selling or could enter in competitions. Do so at your own risk.


Cheese School on – I’m going back to school…at home

One of the books I use the most is “Artisan Cheese Making At Home” by Mary Karlin.  I like her book and it’s companion website.  They both have some tips and good directions on how to make cheese.  I highly recommend her book.  Now Mary Karlin has teamed up with to offer an online course in making Mozzarella, Chevre and Cheddar.  I have had some success with Cheddar, but Mozzarella and Chevre I have not been able to crack.  I am hoping to get a better handle on these cheeses.

The nice thing about this course is that there is no time limit.  I can go back to the videos at any time.  I will keep an update on how I progress.  Knowledge is power.

60 Day Havarti

After the Irish Dane Debacle, I had high hopes for my Havarti that was ageing quietly  in the cave, kind of like the quiet sibling next to the brash noisy twins ripping up the furniture.  It was 60 Days and I decided that it was time to see if I had three pounds of Heavenly  Havarti or was it destined for the bin like the brash twins.

I always like to try my cheese right after the first cut.  This can give me some indication about the flavour.  Right away I could feel the creamy texture of the paste, then there was some firmness in the centre of the cheese.    I then cut my piece to bring up to room temperature, snapped some picture and then divided the rest into portions and vacuum sealed them.  The have all been marked with who they are going to and back into the cave.

My 60 Day Havarti it weighed a little under three pounds


Scotch Washed Rind -Special Project Cheese

On Friday night I was looking for something to do, and when that happens I start to tinker with things that really should be left alone. This time was the exception to that. I had planned on leaving the Scotch Washed Rind Cheese, aka Special Project Cheese, until next week, but I thought other wise. I pulled it out of the cave and this is what it looked like at 25 days.



Keeping the Record Straight Part II

I posted earlier about the sheet that I use when I make my cheese.  I used it again last month and noticed an error, so I updated it.  It still does not have spaces for pH, but they can be put in the notes section.

You do need Acrobat Reader for the form, and if you want to use it on an iPad, then you should get the “PDF Forms” app from the app store.  It was worth it.

Here it is if you would like to use it.  If you have suggestions please let me know.

Cheese Making Record

Les Fromages sont Morts – The Cheese are Dead

I know I have not posted anything for a little bit, it has been busy at my house with non-cheese related items.  I know what could be more important than cheese, my wife tells me there are other things but she… not a cheese fan….I know!

I wanted to talk about the cheeses in the cave right now and how they are progressing.