Day: April 27, 2012

Cheese Cave Spelunking!

Before I start I want to let you know these are my opinions and you could take them with a grain of cheese salt or not.  If you have suggestions then please post in the comments because   Knowledge is Power!  Now let’s do some Cheese Cave Spelunking!

I am often asked where I store all the cheese that I make, in my “cave“is the usual answer.  After they are done with the funny looks, they ask me what I mean.  In some places there are cheese makers that still use caves to age their cheese.  By caves I mean actual caves.  In the Roquefort region of France, Roquefort Cheese (the supposed mother of all Blue Cheeses) is still aged in caves in the surrounding mountain sides, as is some Gorgonzola and Taleggio in Italy.  The reason is twofold, first they have a specific temperature that is perfect for ripening cheese year round and secondly they have the right humidity for ripening cheese (anywhere from 80 to 95% RH).  These locations have a micro climate that help to develop the specific moulds and flavors that give us the specific taste, smell and texture of these cheeses.  As a Home Cheese Maker we do realize that we cannot truly duplicate these conditions in our homes, but we can try to get it close.  You need to try to duplicate a temperature and humidity level, which is easier said than done.