Day: April 25, 2012

My Special Project Cheese at 9 days

On the 16th of April I made two cheeses, a Cheddar for my son, and my “Special Project” or Experiment Cheese.  It is this cheese I want to post about.  Normally I try to stick to the semi-firm or hard cheeses, I have been moving towards semi-soft/trappist style with my Irish Danes, I think this one should be along the lines of those.  I took 1/4 of the curd from the Cheddar (before cooking the curd, just after cutting) and let it drain under its own weight, flipping it every so often.  After a few hours I took it out of the hoop to dry and drain some more, I think I rushed taking it out of the hoop as it is now the size of a large fish cake.   I was hoping for something the size of a Camembert.  Well we learn from our mistakes.