Day: April 18, 2012

Same Vat Different Cheese or How a Scoop Made My Day.

Well it is that time of the month, where I get to make cheese.  I get to create, try new things, try to not get divorced over the mess I tend to make (my wife tends to stay out of the Kitchen when I am making cheese, this time it was for the best).  I am getting better at cleaning up after myself, and sanitation is the key to cheese that is good to eat and not cheese to make you sick.

First thing I wanted to talk about is my new toy.  I was at a dollar store, I always look for containers that I can turn into moulds, and I saw this “pasta strainer scoop”, and I figured I could use this for cheese making.  Let me tell you it was the bes $1.25 I have spent on cheese making equipment.  It was great in scooping out curd for my experiment (more on that later) and for stirring the curd while I was in the  “cooking” phase of making the Cheddar.  And when I was ladling out the curd to drain it was awesome, and I did not get whey all over the Kitchen.

The Cheese Making Strainer Scoop of Awesomeness

I know what you are thinking, gee doesn’t that look like a scoop for kitty litter…ewww, how could you use that?!?

The Scoop of Cheese Making AwesomenessRest assured it is food safe and the package said pasta strainer scoop, and it was in the aisle that had all the other food prep items.    It really did the trick and I will now use it with all my cheese making.

Now that I have raved about my toy, it is now time to talk about actually making cheese.  I thought that it would be nice to make a Cheddar for my Son, that we will open when he is 8 years old (he turns 7 next week), but I wanted to do something for myself.  I figured I could use 1/4 the curd for me and the rest for  his cheddar.  So from one vat I would get two cheeses.

Here goes the make:

It was a balmy Spring day in Alberta’s Capital City…..ok back to reality.