The Big Move and an update on the Irish Danes-Updated

Well I have done it I have moved my blog, obviously to WordPress, now to make the first post since the move. I don’t want to go into too much details about why I moved, but I will say that the name of my old blog did not suit my move to Cheese making.  I am planning on keeping Pop Tarts & Schnitzel running for a few months just in case people still go there.  I have posted the new site and name.

The colouring is nice and they still weigh about one pound apiece

I wanted to give you an update on the Irish Danes (Guinness Washed Havarti) that I had made last month.  I had been washing one with a Guinness, and the other with Lead Dog Olde English Ale (that one would have been called Sam McGee) but I got mixed up and started to wash it with the Guinness too, so I stopped with the Lead Dog.  They have taken on a light reddish-brown hue, almost brick in colour, the pictures really do not do them justice (They were taken with my iPad).

Though the colour is not even, it still is nice to look at

At one month old they are still quite soft and springy to the touch.  I was worried that given their size they would become little cheese pucks.  So far they have lived up to my expectations.  Up until now they had an aroma of beer, but now that I have stopped the beer wash and switched to a 5% brine wash every three days, they have taken on a more earthy smell, almost like mushrooms mixed with hay. I was quite surprised with this, normally they just have the slight mushroom smell.  I think it was the change in milk for these ones.  Again I used Jersey Milk for these and “fresh” milk at that.

It is hard to believe that these are just one month old

     I am quite excited to see how these two develop, I am hoping to keep them with natural rinds and not have to vacuum seal them like I had to do with the big Irish Dane I made before Christmas.  I am thinking that these cheeses will be better off as small ones rather than trying to make one big one.  One of the two will be going to a friend, I tend to gift my cheeses quite a bit, and the other I will be holding for personal use.  I am hoping that their flavour and texture are similar to the previous one, but I am hoping for some more subtle notes as well.  I was never a fan of washed rind cheeses until I started this one, now I try to buy one at the cheese shop I frequent every time I go.

     Just so it does not feel left out, the Havarti that was made at the same time has been vacuum bagged and put into storage.  I was having dome humidity issues with my “cave” and this was the best way to keep it nice and soft and hopefully creamy too.  It will age for another two months, possibly three.  It has been earmarked for gifts for my son’s teacher at the end of this school year.

     I am excited about my move to WordPress and more importantly theses cheeses.  I know that this will be a journey, and I am glad there are those who are willing to travel with me.


2 Comments on “The Big Move and an update on the Irish Danes-Updated

    • Really? Thanks, I actually thought that naming my cheese would presumptuous, but in the end I though who cares I am having fun doing this. I did a Tomme that I soaked in Merlot that I called a “Silly Drummer” Tomme

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