Two Pillows and a Havarti

On Sunday I decided to make some more cheese.  I had 14 litres of good quality milk that was just screaming to be made into a cheese, or three in this case.  I started at about 1:45 PM, normally I start about 10:00 AM, but we were out for a family drive so it had to wait, it turned out to be a good make.  I used the Havarti recipe in “Artisan Cheese Making at Home” by Mary Karlin.  Normally I have used the recipe from 200 Easy Homemade Cheeses, but I figured this was a good opportunity to try this recipe out.  I did make one change to the recipe, the book said to brine the cheese after it came out of the press, I dry salted the cheeses instead.  I am quite happy with the results.  I ended up getting two small 1 lb cheeses and one 3 lb cheese.  I plan on doing a different treatment to each cheese.  I will explain with each one.

A New Irish Dane in the Makine

 Pillow One:  This little 1 lb pillow was pressed with 5 lbs of weight, while sitting in my Danish Cookie Tin Mould that I created (See my Previous Post for a how to).  It was flipped every hour and re-dressed in the cheese cloth each time.  This one I have decided will become one of my “Irish Danes”, a Guinness washed rind cheese.  I have already promised this one to someone, so you can look, but don’t touch.    I think this one should be ready by the end of April, if not the beginning of May.  I will put up some pictures after the first wash.

Sam McGee from Edmonton?!?

Pillow Two:  I know this little 1 lb beauty looks just like it’s brother up above, it too was pressed in a Cookie Tin at 5 lbs, but there is where it will end.  I have decided to wash the rind of this one with my new favourite beer from Yukon Brewing – Lead Dog, Olde English Ale. It is not a stout like the Guinness, so I think it will give a better flavour and the 7% alcohol should do the trick…wait that is when I drink it.  I have been toying with calling this one “Sam McGee”, someone suggested I add some ash to it as well. We are not getting to the Marge on Lake Labarge with this one.

My 3 lb Havarti

The Havarti:  This one is just as it is called.  I will try to keep this one as a Havarti.  I had issues with that the first time I made one.  That is how the Irish Dane came into being.  I think that this one I will age about 2 months, it will be ready in May some time.  I am not a fan of waxing my cheeses, I have never had any success with it.  I always end up having to take the wax off to clean off some mold.  I will try to age this one with a natural rind for at least a month and then I think I will have to use my trusty vacuum sealer and bag this one for further ageing.  If all goes well my son’s teacher will be receiving a portion of this one.

My plan is to make more cheese this year, I plan to make at least one a month from now on.  I may have to step it up during the summer to get stuff ready for Christmas.  I will keep you posted.


3 Comments on “Two Pillows and a Havarti

  1. good day – re your "shell post" the other day please send me an email and i will definatley get back onto you there a bit expensive but good thanks jamie d

  2. Sorry the "shell" post? I have a link to my email in the post about my form, send me an email and we can talk about it

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