Month: March 2012

Just the Vat Ma’am.

One question that I do not get that often, is what do you make your cheese in?  I am surprised that people do now ask me this.  They are curious to know what type of cheese I make or they want to know how…

Two Pillows and a Havarti

On Sunday I decided to make some more cheese.  I had 14 litres of good quality milk that was just screaming to be made into a cheese, or three in this case.  I started at about 1:45 PM, normally I start about 10:00 AM,…

Moulding The Future Of Your Cheese.

Once you have gone through the effort of making your cheese, dealing with the rennet, the culture, fussing over temperatures, then next step is to mould and press/drain your cheese.  You could spend lots of money on commercial style moulds, and there is nothing…

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