Cheese Resource of the Week – Cheese Making Supplies

One of the frequent questions I get asked is “Where do you get your supplies?”, well the answer is simple, the internet.  I am disappointed to say that my home town of Edmonton has little in the way of cheese making supplies.  I had to turn to the internet to search out where my purchase my supplies.

I like to purchase my supplies from a Canadian company (I do know that most of their products come from out side of Canada but it is the principle of  buying Canadian).

Two of the companies I have used are Danlac and Glengarry Cheesemaking & Dairy Supplies.  

Danlac is based out of Airdrie Alberta and is run by the very knowledgeable Egon Skovmose, and he is very helpful in converting their directions from commercial to home use. .  They do ship their products world wide and you can view their products based on quantity of milk you use.  They use paypal as the form of payment and it is worth your time to take a look.

Glengarry is based out of Lancaster Ontario, they have a wide variety of products including equipment, starter cultures, rennet and waxes.  They are a mail order company only.  I was given a cheese press, that was purchased from them, as a gift.  They are great at answering questions.

These are only a few places that you can order products on-line.  I hate to say, but all you have to do is “Google It” to see the results.

Have a great week and I hope to post more soon.

3 Comments on “Cheese Resource of the Week – Cheese Making Supplies

  1. Do you like the cheese press? I have a mold from them that I put a bread board on top of and then use my free weights balanced precariously on top of that. When I made gouda on Sunday I left the room for a couple of hours and came back to find that the tower of cheese had toppled and I had a very crooked looking gouda. It righted itself with some careful adjustment of the weights and a few hours of watching it carefully but it was a pain. I’m considering buying a press and would like an opinion from someone using the Glengarry one before spending the money. I love Glengarry! I get my supplies from them.

    • I do like it for some cheeses, it is a screw top press. It was a gift last year for Christmas. You have to baby it a little, you don’t get a constant pressure, you have to adjust it. I used it to make cheddar last year and it turned out great

  2. I think you can get some cheese making supplies at the Cheese Factory on Whyte ave.

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