Waiting and Coming up with New Resources.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  I am trying to figure out what cheese Ishould make next.  I am hoping to getsomething made the weekend after I get back from Whitehorse.  I am suffering from cheese making withdrawaland it is weighing on my mind.  Milk is prettyexpensive here in Canada, you are looking at $5.00 CDN for 4L of Pasteurized-Homogenized3.25% Milk.  If you are lucky to find aCream –Line Milk (Non-Homogenized) then it is even more expensive.   I think the key will be to find a localsource for milk that would be better to get to know a dairy farmer or somehowsneak a cow in my yard….I don’t think my neighbors in my townhouse complexwould notice…..well.  The Cheese is still up in the air too.
I also wanted to mention that the Cheddar made last Octoberis doing well; it is now 3 months old and still has 9 months to go before wewill touch it.  I hope to get somepictures up to show you the vacuum bag sealing I use.  I regret to inform you the Minis aregone.  I have taken the last 3 to worktoday for my lunch.  They lasted 2 weeksthis time that is less than last time.  Iguess this goes to show how good they are.
I am going to start a little feature called “Cheese MakingResource of the Week
This week is Cheeseforum.org – It has a wealth of knowledgeablepeople that like you love cheese making and are more than happy to help youwhen you need it.  It is an excellentresource for those just starting out or with those who just want to increasetheir knowledge.   Take time to look through the main site before you go to the forum.  You won’t regret it.

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