Excuse me…Do you take requests?

I love to make cheese, I mean I really love to make cheese,no surprise there given the nature of my posts over the past year and abit.  People often ask me what I do withthe cheese I make, and for the most part I share it.  I share it with my co workers, family andfriends.  I give it away as giftstoo.  For the most part I get a nicefeeling by doing this.  

Recently I havehad some friends ask if I would make cheese for them.  When I first started out making cheese I hada whole price thing in my head, but that really not a real option in the firstplace.  I mean my ultimate dream would tohave my own Creamery and make cheese professionally, well more like a side business.  I don’t think I could make a living off ofthe four cheeses that I am making now. My Guinness washed Havarti (Irish Dane), Caerphilly, Gouda, Cheddar andmy Minis (I guess that is 5).

I asked a few peers (fellow cheese makers) from around theworld, I belong to a forum about cheese making, and for the most part they saidignore them or tell them how expensive a hobby it is.  I did like a comment by one person who hastheir own creamery and he suggested that I have them buy the milk and show themhow to make the cheese they want.  Ithink this would be a fair solution, besides I might be able to get someonehooked on cheese making, and a potential business partner.   I will have to think about this.  

So who wants to make cheese?

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