Tis The Season for Good Cheese

Just a quick update on my cheeses.

1.   The Cheddar
The Petit Fore is no more.  I had to strip the wax from the cheese because of cracks in the wax.  These cracks lead to mold forming under the wax.  I have cleaned the cheese and vacuum sealed it.  It is now resting comfortably in the cheese cave and being flipped once a week.
2.   The Caerphilly
It turned out quite nice, though I was not to impressed with the chillies.  I don’t know if I will ever put Chillies in a cheese again.  It was crumbly and creamy just like a Caerphilly should be.
Left side is the regular Caerphilly and the Right is with Chillies.
3.  The Irish Dane (Guinness Washed Havarti)
It was suggested that this cheese technically could no longer be called a Havarti, it was more of a Trappist Style cheese.  It was nice and stinky, a good stinky, and had a creamy texture that almost melts in your mouth when it is at room temperature.  I love this cheese, and it will be made forever more.
This is my lovely, lovely cheese.  I can taste it now as I am typing this.
  I am hoping to make some more before the baby comes, or even after it comes.  I have some plans for the new year with my cheeses.  I can’t share too many now, but you will know when I tell you.
Merry Christmas to all and to all Great Cheese!

2 Comments on “Tis The Season for Good Cheese

  1. Thanks, The Caerphilly is easy to make, and is ready in 3 weeks. I was not to impressed with the chillies in the cheese, I made a few errors in the make, I think I might make some changes to the next one I make.I only have one wedge of the Irish Dane left and Chloe's Cheese, but that won't be ready for another 11 months.

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