The Waiting Game

People often ask me why I make my own cheese, and to be honest none of my standard responses seem to sound like I am sincere.  The truth is there are a few reasons why I make cheese:

  1. I love cheese, and good cheese is expensive.  I can make 3 to 5 pounds of cheese for less than it would cost to purchase the same amount of cheese from a Cheese Monger (Yes I know the quality is different, but I am getting better)
  2. I can say look at what I have created.  Some people say that if you are a small cheese producer, that makes you an Artisan Cheese Maker.  I don’t think of my self as an Artisan, but let me tell you if I had $250 000, you know I would not hesitate to set up a shop.
  3. Patience waiting, most of the cheeses that I make will take at least three months before they are ready.  Some take longer than that. i.e. Parmesan.  Though some are ready in three weeks such as the Caerphilly.

Speaking of the waiting game, as I mentioned in the last the post I had mentioned I have made my second Cheddar.  This time I have made it with a single purpose in mind.  My wonderful wife is pregnant with our second child, and I figured that I could make some cheese for the Baby’s first Birthday.  So by the time we open up this cheese, it will be about 14 months old, and if my first cheddar was any indication, this one should be stellar.  I have now waxed it and it is in the “cave” for ageing (on a side note when I waxed the cheese the wax dried pink…is that a hint)

3/4 Shot of the cheese

This cheese is 6 inches x 6 inches x 1.5 inches

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