Not a Havarti # two or The Irish Dane Identity

This is after one week in the “cave”

I have started to make my Christmas presents already, and of course it is another cheese.  I tend to gift most of my cheese already, so this was a no-brainer.  I decided that given the excellent reception of the the Guinness washed Havarti, of what my son and I  have called the “Irish Dane”.

This time I used 18.9 Litres of 3.25% homogenized milk instead of the 14 Litres, and I used a pasta strainer insert as the mould for the cheese.  It took about a day for the cheese to be ready for air drying.  Then into the cave, and washing.

It should be ready for Christmas.

Notice the wrinkles, they should help to trap some of the Guinness
Great Crevices of flavour
This is after the first application of Guinness, it has now been over a month and there has been many layers already

This is just the beginning, of this journey on this cheese.  Did I mention it is 8.5 inches across and  2.5 inches tall.  There will be 16 lucky people on the receiving end of this gift.  MTF

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