The time had come, it was time to cut the Irish Dane. This is my Havarti that is washed with Guinness Stout.

This is the “Top” of the cheese. White is a good mould that helps to protect the cheese from blue mould, and given that I am not making blue cheese just yet, this is a good thing.

It has a nice aroma on the outside and the rind is pretty tough, but still edible. This is the “Bottom” of the cheese. I call it the bottom because it has the side that I cut the excess curd off to make it even.
This was a bit of a labour of love and the most effort I have put into a cheese yet. The up keep of it was some what regimented, but well worth the effort.

Once cut you get a really strong smell, that at first is a bit off putting because of the suddenness of it, but actually adds to the charm of the cheese. The flavour is quite mild straight out of the fridge, but when you let it sit to room temperature the flavour really comes through. It is creamy yet firm with a mild start and sharp finish.
I took some into work and all agreed that this was a successful cheese. I hope to make more like it, but not for awhile. I am embarking on my well deserved vacation and plan on doing nothing for the next two weeks…I might make a cheese.

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