Death of a Fridge and Birth of The Irish Dane

So the last month has been an interesting one in the cheese land. First and foremost, the cheese was saved, but my original fridge was not. My first fridge’s thermostat broke, and by broke I mean pieces fell off of it. Ultimately It is my fault. I improvised until my Father’s Day gift was purchased….You guessed it …a new fridge . My lovely wife and son got me a Wine Fridge

The Cheeses have been moved to their new home and they are liking it so far.

The Not Havarti has been renamed and will hence forth be called “The Irish Dane”. The Guinness has given it a great colour and the rind is pretty solid too. It should be ready for it’s début in 4 weeks.

Another beauty shot. I use the gloves because I an cultivating good mould to help ripen it.

I have a few cheeses that are coming on-line soon and will definitely share the fruits of my labours.

2 Comments on “Death of a Fridge and Birth of The Irish Dane

  1. My fridge looks much like yours. I have my cheeses on wooden boards with holes in them but the cheese mats look like they might be better. I haven’t shrink wrapped any of my cheeses yet. Do you find that they age okay that way? I was told that cheese needs to breath. Maybe though that is raw cheese. Yours are all from pasteurized milk? Mine are all from raw milk. I wonder if that is what the difference is. I shrink wrapped half a 4 lb. block of gouda so that it wouldn’t go dry in my regular refrigerator once we started to eat it. It got wet inside the plastic so I had to take it back out. Would love to hear your experience with doing that. I have been using a wax from Glengarry that you wipe on with a cloth and it seems to work quite well as long as the cheese is very dry before I put it in the cave. It’s called Creme Wax Cheese Coating. Have you tried that one? I would rather not wax at all but I find that sometimes my cheese ends up really dry 1/2″ in when I age it that way. I don’t rub it with anything though. Maybe I should be trying to rub it with something.

    • I like the mats, because they can come out and be checked for mould and cleaned if necessary. I have thought about switching to pine, but I would save that for a larger “cave”. I try to keep my cheeses with a natural rind as I have had no lick with waxing them. I do try to keep them out of the “Bag” for as long as possible. You will get some whey expelled when you vacuum bag it. This is normal, you just have to be vigilant when you check your cheeses. I find that the semi-firm ones tend to release more whey when bagged, for some reason the semi-soft ones do not. I have a Havarti (almost 2 months old) that is just starting to expel a little whey in the bag (It was getting to hard of a rind so I bagged it). I cheddar that I made last October, that I bagged in January has some whey in it, I will re-bag it in a few days time. Cheese does need to breath, yes, but if you find that the cheese is maturing too rapidly you can bag it to slow down the ripening. I bagged my last Parmesan and it had no whey in the bag. I often use it when I have issues with unwanted mould too. I guess it would depend on the cheese. I have used raw milk in the past and it does not affect the releasing of whey in the bag. I hope this helped.

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