My homemade Parmesan

I know it has been a couple of weeks, but now is the time for the update on what is now in the Cheese Igloo…Parmesan is it’s name. I used 11.2 Litres of 1% milk and 2.8 Litres of Goat Milk. I contacted the producer and they indicated that their low heat method would not destroy the lipase (the enzyme that gives Parm it’s flavor) and it would be the right fat content too.

This is my first attempt at a real “Hard” cheese, this is made at higher temperatures than when I made Gouda and Cheddar. I also used a special culture (thermophilic mother culture I made myself) and it took about 2 hours to get to the draining part

It is small, but it should be good.

I am going to be starting on my heritage project where I explore my cultural heritage (French Canadian, Scottish, Austrian) and the cheeses that they make there.
First up the Benoit’s come to Canada……

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