Caerphilly of my dreams

After 3 week the Caerphilly was ready for tasting. I have been doing some reading and realized that we must have done something right. There was a grey/white mold on the the rind just as the recipe said there should be. Before you say mold…ewwww gross, it is edible and the cheese is good.

I guess part of this is my fault, but people think I make huge cheeses, where in reality they are only about 13 cm in diameter and about 6.5 cm tall. I guess I need to take a proper picture so I did .

I cut the cheese in half, it has a creamy but firm texture in the centre and is more firm towards the rind. You can definitely taste the salt in the pate, but it is not overpowering. It is definitely a”do again” cheese.

I have vacuum sealed the rest and will age it further to see if the flavour mellows

I have not been able to make Cheese for almost a month, this month I hope to make at least one more or possibly two.

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