An Update on the Cheese

I think I have finally got the Cheese Igloo set to the right temperature so I don’t have to fart around with the thermostat anymore. It is amazing what a bulldog clip can be used for.

The cheddar that I made at the end of January is now in a vacuum sealed bag and is ripening for an opening date around October when my friend gets back from Afghanistan. The Goat Milk Gouda (with the Sage, Kosher Salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rind) has been vacuum sealed for it’s protection. It probably would be eaten by now if it wasn’t.

The Gouda that I made for my mother has had it’s rind oiled and now it is just waiting until it can be vacuum sealed as well.

The Caerpilly that my son and I made is now in the Igloo, well it is in a ripening box in the Igloo. I will be washing it with a simple brine solution every few days for the next little bit. Then in about 15 days or so it will be time to crack that sucker open.

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