Teacher’s Convention Project or Our first Caerphilly Cheese

It is the time of the year where Kids get two days off in order for the teachers can have a convention, but enought of that. It is cheese time again and this time I had a helper, my Son.

Todays cheese is a Welsh Miner’s Cheese called Caephilly. We started with 12 Litres of Milk (3.25 Homogenized) and also the first time I used Calf Rennet and of course I have pictures

This is the Milk warming in the Cheese Vat. I have rigged up a way to hold the thermometer.

This one is of the cut curd after adding the Rennet

After heating the curd and letting it rest I then drained it to get rid of the whey.

This is going to be the biggest cheese I have made to date this is triple the amount of curd that I have ever produced.After you drain it then you should stack it and allow more to whey to drain out.

In order to have it drain and have the whey drain away from the curd, I lifted the the edge of the insert for the vat and propped it up with a measuring cup.

After the stacking, I then milled (broke up) the curd slabs and added salt and mixed it.

Then I placed it in a cheese cloth mold ready for pressing. It has to mbe pressed and flipped several times at a lower pressure then a final press at the end pressure.

More will come on this.

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