Goats Milk Gouda Time

On Saturday I made a Gouda using Goat Milk and use Turmeric to colour it to the normal Gouda hue. I started with a water bath and heated 8 litres of milk to temperature and then added my culture, calcium chloride and turmeric. As you can see that the Cheese Vat hangs precariously on the edges. I need to find a better pot or I need to find better way to set this in.

After I let the cu lure “bloom” for an hour, I brought it back up to temperature and added the Rennet and let it do it’s business for 45 Min’s to an hour. After I had what is called a clean break (curd cuts cleanly not as mush) I started to raise the temperature slowly and removed 3 litres of whey and replaced it with hot water. After I had reached edthe appropriate temperature it was Pre-press time. I pressed the curd in the whey for 30 Min’s. Then I transferred the whey to my Cheese Press and pressed it for 8 hours. Sorry I go caught up with the process to get pictures of this. The result was this 3 pound Bundy of a Gouda

The splotches are from un-dissolved turmeric. I should be able to fix this on the next Gouda. The Cheese is now in the Air Drying stage and will sit on the board for the next few days being flipped a few times a day. Then into the Cheese Igloo.


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