I am back, and I brought Cheese

I know that the four people that had been reading this blog were probably upset that I had not updated it in about three year, well Mom, Garandma, strange man with the weasy voice. Sorry!

I have now started a new cullinary journey and wish to share it with everyone. I make cheese and I am not affraid to tell the world. How did this come about you ask? I know you didn’t but humour me. If people know me they should know that I love cheese. Cheddar, Gouda, Mozzarella etc it has been something I have loved since I was a boy. If you have ever gone to a store and priced out a piece of Gouda you would have a heartattack. I figured that I could do this and it had to be a bit cheaper, it is in the long run. I have now made two successfull Goudas, three disasters and one awesome Cheddar (well I hope it is awesome it wont be ready for 6-7 months) I have had three sucesses with Mozzarella as well.

Here are some of my sucesses:
This was a Mozzarella and a Riccota that I made for some Home Made Ravioli

I recieved a Cheesepress for Christmas and this was the Gouda I made on Boxing Day

———–>>>>> This is my lovely Cheddar

I will post every time I make a Cheese and tell you how it is doing.

I am planning on making a Goats Milk Gouda this weekend. Joy

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